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Check out the latest Newsletter for the Milford Schools Foundation.  We are very excited on changes that are in store for the foundation, including a new site for the Night of the Stars.  Click the link to read more.

In the fall of October 2022 Milford Schools Foundation awarded money to support the MJHS Goggle Up! class with buses for field trips. Since that time, approximately 12 classes including more than 300 students learned how to use telemetry equipment and had the opportunity to take the bus during the school day to participate in turtle tracking and data collection. Some of them also analyzed the data in a class project.

During that time, the interest was great enough to also offer at least 6 turtle tracking opportunities for family and friends in the evenings. A small group of students who were especially interested in the field research also volunteered for two extra activities to engage the community. On Saturday, Sept 30 Goggle Up! students showed our telemetry project to the guests of Valleyview, the nature preserve where our turtles are located. A couple of weeks later, they also shared their knowledge of Eastern box turtles with teachers from all over Ohio at the EPA’s Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Educator Workshop.

The project that these funds supported was unique in that it taught science skills and created authentic opportunities for students to practice communication skills while gaining confidence and pride in their abilities. Thank you to the Milford Schools Foundation. 

64 students on 12 Milford Robotics competitive VEX teams had a very successful year in 2022-23. Milford Schools Foundation granted $6,000 to send 5 teams to the VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, TX. 3 awards were won at the VEX Robotics State Championship and one 8th grade team, 98992A, finished the year ranked #2 in the state of Ohio, #47 in the USA and #86 in the world! 93 middle school students attended Milford's VEX Robotics Summer Camp in 2022.

In 2023, because of your kind support we were able to help send six teams to the VEX Robotics World Championship. 

2024 Night of the Stars

Interested in nominating a honoree for our 2024 Night of the Stars? Please visit the NOTS info page to learn how to nominate a Milford graduate. 

We received over 50 "thank you!" notes from Milford students. We greatly appreciate each and everyone of them! 

And the Milford Schools robotics club students sent pictures of gratitude as well for our support of helping them attend the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, TX.

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Scholarships Update

Letter of Appreciation from Josh Pinchek, 2018 Milford High School Graduate and 2022 Ohio Northern University graduate. 4/9/2022

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Letter of appreciation from Jacob Hams, 2022 Milford High School graduate, attending Colorado College. 8/17/2022

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Letter of appreciation from Collin Chitwood, 2022 Milford High School graduate, attending The Ohio State University. 4/25/2022

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