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The Pandemic created many challenges for everyone, including the Foundation, but with your continued support, in 2022 we were able to accomplish the following:


Melinda Adams - Class of 1989

Lauren Cooper - Class of 2004

Daniel Mack - Class of 1978

Gary Payne - Class of 1967

Geoff Pittman - Class of 1979

Debbie Taylor Reinhart - Class of 1967 - Received President’s Award Posthumously

Roy Verley - Class of 1969

One (1) student received a $10,000 scholarship

Eight (8) students received a $5,000 scholarship

One (1) student received a $4,000 scholarship

One (1) student received a $2,000 scholarship

We are proud to announce that eight (8) of our scholarships are endowed by MHS alumni and two (2) are endowed by former administrators of the Milford Schools.  

Examples of the Foundation’s Achievements - 2010 to Present:

$5K - Buffy, a service dog for the MHS Special Needs Class.

$5K - Playground equipment for Pleasant Hill Elementary.

$5K – MHS Junior/Senior After Prom

$1.6K - MHS choir students to attend a New York City workshop.

$2.9K - Entry fee to World Robotics Competition - MJHS & MHS students.

$16K - Purchased equipment for the zSpace program at MHS.

$66.7K - Fee for all students and teachers (grades 3-5) to attend the iSpace program from 2014 through 2019.

$8K – Robotics Program – Equipment and supplies.  

$1.8K - Refurbish rock climbing wall at MHS for special needs students.


Bequests are planned gifts through which a donor can leave a gift to benefit Milford Schools Foundation in their will. You can arrange for a cash gift or assets or residual property. Bequests may be made for a specific amount, a percentage of your estate or even a portion of your estate. These planned giving options will help us continue our mission of enhancing and enriching the lives of Milford students, and the community at large.

Milford Schools Foundation has created verbiage for bequests and wills. In general, it should state:  “I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Milford School Foundation, the sum of $_______.”

All donors are urged to seek the advice of a competent legal or tax professional as to the effects of their gift prior to entering into a Planned Gift Arrangement.  For more information on making a contribution, please contact Tim Ackermann,


Thank you to all of our donors! Our work to help Milford students & teachers would noT be possible without your generosity. 

Cindy Abas

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Louise Arnett

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2021 annual GIVING campaign donors

Donald Ackermann

Kathleen Philhower Anderson

Barry and Gail Harrison Apgear

Nancy Wolf Ball

Andy and Niki Beckman

Carol Bingman Bentley

Robert and Gloria Lewis Berger

Chris and Jill Binggeli

Bob Birkle

Tedi Blinkhorn

Richard Brand

Susan Braun and Louis Wilson

Elsa Cavanaugh

Carol Collins

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Gina DeBlasio

Russell Dixon

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Charles and Sandy Dumrese

Patricia Dwire

Jack and Charlotte Evans

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Barbara Gillette-Mills

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Donald and Mary Hayes

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Ernie and Nancy House

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Tom and Barb Lowry Luecke

Tim Maley

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Michael and Kathy Hutchinson McCurdy

Linda McDermott

Melissa McGrath

Miami Township Police Association

William and Judy Miller

Gilda Morgan

Michael and Olga Mullarkey

Ginny Murphy

Linda Nitzsche

Patty Nulsen

Martha Osswald

Chad and Jillian Ours

Carol Stamets Panko

Terry and Sherry Philhower

Judy Bittner Poe

Brian Rabe

Gayle Wolf Ramsey

Arlene Yochum Rapp

JoAnne Ray

Jack and JoAnn Reif

Glenda Riffle Richards

Row House Gallery

Cortlund and Holly Sattler

Ed and Barb Gaetz Schreiber

Karl and Sharon Schultz

Charles and Lee Seipelt

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Richard and Wanda Buettner Snell

William and Betty Snell

Shirley Fultz Soellner

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Total Quality Logistics

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Bob and Marilyn Veidt

Margaret Vonderhaar

Barbara Weidenbein

Mary Anne Garner Will

Allison Wilson

Gail Wilson

Alisa Wombacher

Betsy Woods

Zach Strief Dream Big Foundation


In honor of Ashley and Kyle’s wedding, 5/19/21

Sandy Richmond


Will Scholarship IMO Dick Will

Mr. and Mrs. John Longsworth

IMO Charles “Pap” Brock

Mary Anne Will

IMO Tutt Lambert

Jim and Judy Poe

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Mary Anne Garner Will

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Milford High School English Department

Jack and Jo Ann Reif

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Mary Anne Will

Betsy Woods

In memory of James Panko

Carol Bingaman Bentley

Larry and Carol Collins

Patricia Dwire

Jack and Charlotte Evans

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Mildred Kramer

Karl and Sharon Schultz

Julie Stark

Mary Anne Garner Will

In memory of Rick Will

Judith Battig

Carol Bingaman Bentley

Dorothea Blinkhorn

Barbara Burke

Darla Dobbs and Anna Messink

John and Maureen Donahue

Ken and Anita May Eigher

Tina Greenwood

Brent Hanger and Joni Darney

David and Julia Ann Hanger

LaVaughn Hanger

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Henderson

Richard and Judith Herbert

Bear and Nancy Hillard

John and Jackie Longsworth

Tom and Barb Lowry Luecke

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Tracy Roe Sagester

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Todd and Lori Cobb Smith

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In memory of James Quatman

American Society of Ephesus, Inc.

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