Night of the Stars

2022 Night of the Stars

The Night of the Stars 2022 event will be held October 5th, 2022 at RSVP Event Center (453 Wards Corner Rd, Loveland, OH 45140) starting at 5:15 PM (doors open) with dinner at 6:00 PM.

Admission is $50 per person. You can purchase online, (click the Buy Now button) or at Milford Board of Education (1099 OH-131, Milford, OH 45150). No tickets are needed; your name will be checked on the RSVP list at the door.

Deadline to RSVP for this event is Thursday September 30, 2022.

Any questions about this event please feel free to contact Gail Wilson 513-382-2201 or

Purchase Admission

2022 admission can be purchased until September 30th, 2022.

Please RSVP and purchase admission here.

2023 Night of the Stars

Interested in nominating a honoree for our 2023 Night of the Stars? Please choose to nominate online or print the fill-in PDF (DUE BY APRIL 1st each year). Nominations received after April 1st will be considered for the following year's recognition. Nominations prior to April 1st will not be considered for future recognition unless you submit the nomination form again each year.

Or print a paper fill-in form (PDF)

and mail to Milford Schools Foundation

1099 State Route 131, Milford, OH 45150

2022 Night of the stars honorees

We are very excited and looking forward to honoring the following graduates who have distinguished themselves in many diverse fields of endeavor after leaving Milford High School.

Melinda Adams Class of 1989

Lauren Cooper Class of 2004

Daniel Mack Class of 1978

Gary Payne Class of 1967

Geoff Pittman Class of 1979

Debbie Taylor Reinhart Class of 1967 (President's Award)

Roy Verley Class of 1969

We look forward to seeing you all this year at Night of the Stars 2022 event!

Admission is $50 per person and can be purchased above.

2020 night of the Stars

Thank you to everyone who attended and joined with the Milford Schools Foundation for the 2020 Night of the Stars celebration. The evening was a great success and we are very proud of those alumni who where honored.

Again this year we are very excited and looking forward to honoring graduates who have distinguished themselves in many diverse fields of endeavor after leaving Milford High School. So please help us by nominating Milford alumni who have made a significant impact on their communities and professions and serve as exemplary role models for Milford students.

Please enjoy the 75 minute video below with recognition of and interviews with the 2020 distinguished alumni recipients featuring Q&A with members of the Class of 2021.

A very special THANK YOU to Will Menz, Multimedia Manager at Miami Township, for partnering with Milford Schools and Milford Schools Foundation to create and produce this wonderful video and to Mr Josh Kauffman, Milford High School Principal, for moderating the event. Individual video segments can be seen at

Previous Honorees

2021 Honorees

Ken LoweClass of 1979

Kim Striley KunkelClass of 1980

Tom FallonClass of 1984

Kevin FryeClass of 1984

William BresserClass of 1994

2020 Honorees

Jean Ackermann • Class of 1957

Mike Biller • Class of 2002

Ed Humphrey • Class of 1962

Sherry Jones Malott • Class of 1988

Eric Zamudio • Class of 2010

2019 Honorees

Dave Demaris • Class of 1963

Thomas Hieronymus Towhey • Class 1977

Nancy Meyer • Class of 1979

Robert (Bob) Battig • Class of 1979

Malinda McCorkle McReynolds • Class of 1982

Joesph Kuethe • Class of 1986

Stephenie L. Bates • Class of 1994

2018 Honorees

Karen Quick Wikoff • Class of 1984

President's Award

Al Singleton • Class of 1967

Tom Synan • Class of 1985

Betty Jane Taylor Red Leaf Collett • Class of 1958

Joyce Rinckhoff Snell • Class of 1948

2017 Honorees

Joseph Fitzwater • Class of 1942

Kitty Johnson • Class of 1963

Jim Douglas • Class of 1974

Chuck Ingram • Class of 1978

Whittney Williams Brady • Class of 1986

Donald Jamey Mills • Class of 1990

Aaron Strait • Class of 2011

President's Award

2016 Honorees

Dr. Michael D. Barnett, Jr. • Class of 1991

Joseph J. Braun • Class of 1991

Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach • Class of 2007

Capt. Kimberly I. Miller • Class of 1988

Robert Nugent • Class of 1985

Joshua Shaw • Class of 1995

Lt. Col. Joseph E. Siberski • Class of 1985

2015 Honorees

Mary Elizabeth Early Hardesty • Class of 1947

Jim Parker • Class of 1957

Dr. Renee Wormack Keels • Class of 1964

Susan Lewis Donovan • Class of 1979

Tracy Teague • Class of 1981

Dr. Chris Wolverton • Class of 1991

Travis Cobb • Class of 1991

Earl Tutt & Lois Cutlip Lambert • Foundation Educators' Award

2014 Honorees

Dow Rogers • Class of 1941

Dr. Walker Eugene Fesmire • Class of 1947

John Cooper • Class of 1966

Melissa Noakes Borger • Class of 1981

Joe Cadle • Class of 1981

David Shepherd • Class of 1981

Tom Watson • Class of 1993

Katie Marie Broecker • Class of 2000

Sarah Elizabeth Curry Rathel • Class of 2001

2013 Honorees

Adrienne Evans Windley • Class of 1981

Barry Bonnell • Class of 1971

Dan Caldwell • Class of 1989

Gary Knepp • Class of 1972

George "Buddy" Siemering • Class of 1963

John Vilardo • Class of 1981

Michael Banks • Class of 1969

Stacey-Ray Simcox • Class of 1992

Tony Freeman • Class of 1977

William Willenbrink • Class of 1977

2012 Honorees

Jeff Lykins • Class of 1978

Jim Terrell • Class of 1983

Garold Shaw • Class of 1948

Roger Preston Smith • Class of 1968

Dr. Jeffrey Book • Class of 1992

Major Gen. Melvin L. Burch • Class of 1967

Tricia Ross • Class of 1986

Capt. John L. Foote (posthumous) • Class of 1938

Capt. L. John Speidel (posthumous) • Class of 1964

Ronald E. Porter (posthumous) • Class of 1964

2011 Honorees

Fred Applegate • Class of 1963

Dr. Keith Forwith • Class of 1982

Dr. David Harrison • Class of 1980

Judge Ralph Hill • Class of 1942

Napoleon McCallum • Class of 1981

Judge John McDermott • Class of 1964

Dr. Peter Schultz • Class of 1974

2010 Honorees

Rick Blackburn • Class of 1960

Mike Cutlip • Class of 1959

Jo Ann Fley • Class of 1948

Bill Platt • Class of 1962

Zack Strief • Class of 2001

Paul Ward • Class of 1963