Since the formation of the Milford Schools Foundation in January 2010, the response and support from our community has been tremendous. We would like to thank those who have contributed to our “Night of the Stars” events, as well as those who have made direct financial donations. 

2023 Night of the Stars Sponsors

2022 Night of the Stars Sponsors

Thank you to our Individual Sponsors

* Denotes an MHS Distinguished Alumni Honoree

MHS Alumni

Anonymous Class of 1960

Bob* & Sherri (Ferguson) Battig Classes of 1979 & 1981

Judy (Snell) Battig Class of 1958

Carol (Bingaman) Bentley Class of 1958

Amy (Bingaman) Deatheridge Class of 1979

Brad & Jodi (Cobb) Duncan Classes of 1994 & 1993

J.C. & Carol Eckman J.C. – Class of 1960 

Joe* Fitzwater Class of 1942

Kevin* & Julie (Murray) Frye Classes of 1984 & 1987

Dick & Judy Herbert Dick – Class of 1960

Rob & Kim* (Striley) Kunkel Classes of 1977 & 1980

Tom & Barb (Lowry) Luecke Classes of 1965 & 1967

Jeff* Lykins Class of 1978

Mike & Kathy (Hutchinson) McCurdy Kathy - Class of 1968

Bob & Penni (Lutes) Morris Penni - Class of 1984

Don & June Ann (Adamczyk) Nicolaus Classes of 1966 & 1965

John & Lori (Goldschmidt) Sence Both - Class of 1988

Al* Singleton Class of 1967

Todd & Lori (Cobb) Smith Lori – Class of 1986

Roger* Preston Smith Class of 1968

Tom & Jane (Hogue) Teaney Classes of 1955 & 1959

Steve & Jackie (Lutes) Tuckerman Jackie – Class of 1978

Jim Wells Class of 1980

Brian & Karen* (Quick) Wikoff Karen - Class of 1984

Mary Anne (Garner) Will Class of 1958

Gail (Prewitt) Wilson Class of 1967

Friends of the Foundation

Don Ackermann

Mike & Pam Chandler

George Lucas Family

Charles & Lee Seipelt


Barbara Davis

Greg & Tina Nicoletti

Steve & Beth Tope

Cecelia Belew

Bob Farrell

Chet & Amy Rouse

Bette (Cooper) Ziegler

Ed & Andrea Brady

Dave & Laura Kitte

Mike & Jennifer Sauer

2022 Night of the Stars Donors

Thank You to Our Auction & Raffle Donors

(* Denotes an MHS Distinguished Alumni Honoree)

MHS Alumni

Carol (Bingaman) Bentley MHS Class of 1958

Joe Braun MHS Class of 1991

Karen Evans MHS Class of 1983

Pam (Rineair) Flach MHS Class of 1975

Jessica (Byrd) Franks MHS Class of 2006

Jill Hollandsworth MHS Class of 1982

Judy (Clymer) Keeney MHS Class of 1970

Herb* Messer MHS Class of 1981

Nancy* Meyer MHS Class of 1979

Jamey* & Amy Mills MHS Class of 1990

Gary & Kris (Engstrom) Mount MHS Classes 1971/1972

Emily (Luthy) Shelton MHS Class of 2014

Jo-El Weigel MHS Class of 1989

Mary Anne (Garner) Will MHS Class of 1958

Amy (Schmidt) Wilson MHS Class of 1991

Gail (Prewitt) Wilson MHS Class of 1967

Friends of the Foundation

Matt Arnett

Dr. Tyler Arnold

Keith Burkhardt

Heather Chitwood

Alex Drescher

Jennifer Glasglow

Marti Kleinfelter

Lois Leaven

Dan Lynch

Milford Robotics Club

Sandy Richmond

Tom Seaman

Becky Steinmetz

Margaret Vonderhaar

Karen Warsalla

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2022 Night of the Stars Sponsors