Since the formation of the Milford Schools Foundation in January 2010, the response and support from our community has been tremendous. We would like to thank those who have contributed to our “Night of the Stars” events, as well as those who have made direct financial donations.

2022 Night of the Stars Sponsors

Don Ackermann

Tim & Kate Ackermann (Tim - MHS Class of 1988)

Anonymous (x2)

Dr. Tyler Arnold, Principal, Milford High School

Steve & Pam (Price) Bates - (Pam - MHS Class of 1967)

Jerry, Shannan (Osborne), Cory, & Collette Combs (Shannan - MHS Class of 1990)

Meda (Christy) Craig - (MHS Class of 1967)

J.C. & Carol Eckman (J.C. - MHS Class of 1960)

John & Lori (Goldschmidt) Sence (MHS Class of 1988)

Sandy (Smyth) Haungs and Jill Haungs (MHS Classes of 1961 &1981)

Dave & Laura Kitte

The George Lucas Family

Tom & Barb (Lowry) Luecke (MHS Class of 1965 & 1967)

Jeff & Tina Lykins (Jeff - MHS Distinguished Alumnus - Class of 1978 & Tina - MHS Class of 1985)

Kyle and Laurie Nicolaus (Kyle - MHS Class of 1988)

Don & June Ann (Adamczyk) Nicolaus (MHS Classes Of 1966 & 1965)

Michael & Jennifer Sauer

Eric & Margie (Lutes) Schwarz (Margie - MHS Class of 1982)

Al Singleton (MHS Distinguished Alumnus & MHS Class of 1967)

Roger Preston Smith (Distinguished Alumnus - MHS Class of 1968)

Todd & Lori (Cobb) Smith (Lori - MHS Class of 1986)

Tom & Judy (Ernst) Somerfield (Judy - Class of 1959)

Marilyn (Lohr) Sternasty (MHS Class of 1957)

Tom & Jane (Hogue) Teaney (MHS Class of 1955 & 1959)

Steve & Jackie (Lutes) Tuckerman (Jackie - MHS Class of 1978)

Roy Verley (MHS Class of 1969)

Mary Anne Will (MHS Class of 1958)

Amy Schmidt Wilson (MHS Class of 1991)

Gail (Prewitt) & Dick Wilson - (Gail - MHS Class of 1967)

2021 Giving Campaign DONORS

Donald Ackerman

Kathleen Anderson

Barry and Gail Apgear

Nancy Ball

Andy and Niki Beckman

Carol Bentley

Robert and Gloria Berger

Chris and Jill Binggeli

Bob Birkle

Marilyn Birkle

Tedi Blinkhorn

Richard Brand

Susan and Louis Wilson Braun

Elsa Cavanaugh

Carol Collins

Steve Cummibs

Linda K. Daniels

Gina DeBlasio

Russell Dixon

Ted and Karen Dixon

Charles and Sandy Dumrese

Patricia Dwire

Jack and Charlotte Evans

Kelli Finn

Joe Fitzwater

Christopher Gamm

Barbara Gillette-Mills

Donald Girvin

Donald and Mary Hayes

Barry and Evelyn Hensgen

Ernie and Nancy House

Sally Easton Humphries

Chris and Tara Ings

Sandy Jones

Sue Jones

Judy Keeney

Knneth Keith Sr.

James A. Kemen

Mary Linn Hair Kipp

Kirk & Company Jewelers

Judy Kottman

Jo Neace Krause

Kenda Lemley

Tom and Barb Luecke

Tim Maley

Jerry Mason

Linda McDermott

Melissa McGrath

Miami Township Police Assoc

Milford High School English Dept.

William and Judy Miller

Gilda Morgan

Michael and Olga Mullarkey

Ginny Murphy

Linda Nitzsche

Patty Nulsen

Martha Osswald

Chad and Jillion Ours

Carol Panko

Terry and Sherry Philhower

Judy Poe

Brian Rabe

Gayle Ramsey

Arlene Rapp

JoAnne Ray

Jack and JoAnn Reif

Glenda Richards

Row House Gallery

Holly and Cortlund Sattler

Barb Gaetz and Ed Schreiber

Karl and Sharon Schultz

Charles Seipelt

Bill Shearer

Al Singleton

William and Betty Snell

Richard and Wanda Snell

Shirley Soellner

Julie Stark

Total Quality Logistics

Vanguard Grant

Bob Veidt

Margaret Vonderhaar

Barbara Wiedenbein

Allison Willson

Gail Wilson

Alisa Wombacher

Betsy Woods

Zack Strief Dream Big Foundation

2021 Night of the Stars Donors


Dr. Tyler Arnold, Principal, Milford High School

Bob & Sherri (Ferguson) Battig (Bob - Distinguished Alumnus, MHS Class of 1979 & Sherry - MHS Class of 1981)

Carol (Bingaman) Bentley (MHS Class of 1958)

Barry Bonnell (Distinguished Alumnus, MHS Class of 1971)

Melinda (Powers) Briggs (MHS Class of 1986)

Dante & Cheryl (Steigerwald) Campolongo: Cheryl - MHS/Live Oaks Class of 1982

Denny & Heather Chitwood

Steve & Michelle (Andrews) Chrislip (Steve - MHS Class of 1983 & Michelle - MHS Class of 1984)

Dave Demaris (MHS Distinguished Alumnus, Class of 1963)

Brad and Jodi Cobb Duncan (Brad - MHS Class of 1994, Jodi - MHS Class of 1993)

Karen Evans (MHS Class of 1983)

Jessica Franks (MHS Class of 2006)

Phillip, Jessica (Rusche), & Patrick Hall (Phillip & Jessica - MHS Class of 2009)

Dick & Judy Herbert: Dick (MHS Class of 1960)

Judy Keeney (MHS Class of 1970)

John and Jackie Longsworth (John - MHS Class of 1959)

Milford VEX Robotics Team 8823C

Milford VEX Robotics

Chief Jamey & Amy Mills (Jamey - Distinguished Alumnus, MHS Class of 1990)

Greg & Tina Nicoletti

Carol Panko (MHS Class of 1964)

James Perry (MHS Class of 1984)

Judy Bittner Poe (MHS Class of 1963)

Linda (Judd) Powers (MHS Class of 1960)

Sandy Richmond

The Mark Schulte Family

Karl Schultz (MHS Class of 1962)

SEM Haven Health & Residential Care Center

Shirley Soellner (MHS Class of 1969)

Soy Light Candle Co.

In honor of Kelli - Connie (Koogler) Stevens (MHS Class 1972)

Rebecca Steinmetz

Krista Tarter (MHS Class of 1986)

Tranquility Spa

Ralph and Amy (Brewer) Vilardo (Amy - MHS Class of 1986)

Ray & Toni Vitatoe

Margaret Vonderhaar

Jo-El Weigel (MHS Class of 1989)

Dr. James Widder

Brian & Karen (Quick) Wikoff (Karen - Class of 1984)

Mary Anne (Garner) Will (MHS Class of 1958)

Gail Wilson (MHS Class of 1967)

Jo Ann Weigel & Bette Ziegler