Milford Schools Foundation financially supported Milford Schools in the purchase of zSpace equipment (https://zspace.com/) to provide hands-on, experiential learning in science, math, and other STEAM content areas using education's leading AR/VR solution. Currently, there are three classroom teachers that use zSpace:

  • Matt Thompson - Milford Junior High (Stem Exploration)

  • Melody Moorehead - Milford High School (AP Biology and Anatomy/Physiology)

  • Lillie Wiseman - Milford High School (Forensics and Anatomy/Physiology)

The feedback from teachers and students has been very positive. In response to, "What is it that you find cutting edge about the technology?", teacher Lillie Wiseman said, “The zSpace is an exciting way to increase student engagement in small group settings. Watching students manipulate variables with technology is a rewarding experience!

And Milford Teacher, Matt Thompson, says in response to, "How are you using the technology and what do you find cutting edge about it? “I use them as stations, with the limited number I have. The students do like the dissecting mode where they can split the models up. For example, taking the earth apart to see inside or the skin off animals to see the bones. It is also nice to be able to flip and rotate objects in 3D and explore the functions.

Because of our sponsors and donors, Milford Schools Foundation is able to help Milford Schools students learn in a much more modern way while giving our teachers another avenue to reach and engage students on a whole other level that brings STEAM educational content to life in a unique and exciting way.